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ALTER EGO is a Team 

We recognize our employees' contribution to our growth, since they inspire and support our valued customers. The prosperity and success of our company depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers.

The values of sustainable entrepreneurship begin within our company where we create a working environment characterized by:

  • Meritocracy: We promote continuous learning and embrace diversity, offering equal opportunities for professional development.
  • Safety: Our priority is the safety of our people. While respecting their daily output, we ensure proper working conditions for their Health and Safety, to make service provision easier, in conditions worthy of their efforts.
  • Reliability: Reliability creates confidence and trust and is the cornerstone of professional cooperation in a cordial team and family environment.

Our working environment allows our team to:

  • evolve,
  • cooperate within a team spirit of trust,
  • take initiative and have open communication with management.

This helps us maintain our team’s dedication, productivity and creativity, while at the same time, taking pride in their work and the dynamics they contribute to within the company. It also helps the team enjoy working with colleagues and to balance their personal lives.

Our people are our competitive advantage and the key to our long-term success.



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