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Renovation & Constructions

ALTER EGO provides a wide range of services related to the layout study and construction (reconstruction – renovation) of the business premises (buildings, offices, shops, etc.), proposing flexible personalized solutions, adapted to the client's requirements.

The criteria we take into account in order to meet the personalized needs of our customers are the operating model and the culture of the company, the type of workplace, its functionality, the final aesthetics and the budget.

With consistency and reliability, we undertake renovations, which is the most complex work and in most cases is carried out simultaneously with the operation of the company. The works included in the Study, Construction, Renovation are the following:

  • Expanding upon the combined studies of architectural, mechanical, and electrical plans
  • Interior configuration (clearance, internal partitions, floors, ceilings, painting, electrical/plumbing installations, air conditioning installation/configuration, IT, computer rooms, network relocation, etc.)
  • Renovation of building facades
  • Construction work
  • Insulation (waterproofing, thermal insulation)



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