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Integrated Facility Management

We are ALTER EGO. Your companion and your most experienced and trusted partner in Integrated Facility Management.

The importance of the proper management of building facilities for the smooth and effective operation of the Organization has been widely recognized. In this modern changing work environment, IFM is the best choice for large companies and organizations, because it holistically approaches building management for users and corporate operations. It can respond to changing needs using a scientific and technical foundation employing due diligence and cost savings. In addition, it offers users of our facilities - employees, customers, and the general public - an excellent experience.

ALTER EGO has many years of experience and a team who is able to see the bigger picture in the projects we undertake. Our team applies an holistic approach to the implementation of projects and contract management with our customers. Success results from our teams in our soft & hard services departments working closely together towards a common goal – to always remain abreast of modern developments in the IFM sector. We also systematically invest in continuous education, to meet the high standards that we strictly adhere to outlined by the international standards of Quality, Health and Safety at work and in Environmental Management.

The alter ego of major corporations and organizations.

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