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Hard Services

Hard services are directly related to the structure of the facilities of the building. Taking care of the structure, we aim to optimize the value of the assets of your property and prevent destruction and damage by saving time and financial resourses. This means that the systematic and diligent management, maintenance and supervision of both internal and external spaces of your business is necessary to achieve this objective.

ALTER EGO offers a wide range of hard services that adapt to the specific building requirements of our customers’ businesses.

After almost four decades of experience in hard services, with € 1.4 mil. turnover, (for 2021), active clientele in 42 businesses and over 380 active points under management, we offer excellent services, even at the most complex facilities.

In particular, our hard services include:

  • Technical Maintenance,
  • Renovations & Construction,
  • Buildings’ Energy Upgrade /Energy Saving,
  • Integrated Relocation Management Project.



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