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Technical Maintenance

The management and preventive maintenance of building facilities is a service of major importance for ALTER EGO. We are both interested in keeping buildings running smoothly and minimizing potential damage. The company's work group has the necessary know-how and technical training to be able to resolve any technical issue, while the management and technical maintenance of the building facilities are carried out with perfect organization and safety.

Technical maintenance and management covers a wide range of electro-mechanical installations and equipment related to high-demand professional buildings, such as office buildings, industrial buildings, chain stores, hospitals, logistics, and others.

In addition to scheduled preventive maintenance, we also ensure uninterrupted service to our customers in case of emergency/breakdown.

Indicatively, the services included in Technical Maintenance are the following:

  • Maintenance of Electrical installations (strong & weak),
  • Maintenance of Plumbing installations,
  • Maintenance of air conditioning systems,
  • Maintenance of generators & substations,
  • Maintenance of fire extinguishing & fire detection systems,
  • Maintenance of security systems (CCTV, access control, alarm),
  • UPS maintenance,
  • Elevator management (maintenance - certification),
  • Fire extinguishing - fire safety - fire detection systems,
  • Maintenance of substations,
  • Heating of electrical panels – equipment,
  • Provision of specialized technical staff,
  • Consulting services.


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