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Disinfection / Anti-Covid Services

Disinfection services have always been very important, especially in healthcare businesses. Due to the pandemic, the need for disinfection became vital for the majority of businesses, in order to ensure the health of employees, the hygiene of workplaces and the uninterrupted operation of businesses.

Within this framework, ALTER EGO applies disinfection techniques to fight viruses with experienced and properly trained employees, who are equipped with the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment and have at their disposal preparations approved by the EOF.

Disinfection is carried out with electrostatic disinfectant sprayers on all surfaces, including hidden surfaces - up to 70% faster and is supplemented with a series of certified disinfectants to fully cover the hygiene needs of any space.

With our Anti-Covid services we offer prevention against viruses in order to avoid their spread in workplaces but also microbe disinfection after a confirmed case, to disinfect the premises in order to re-open and allow employees to return to work safely. The Implementation of an Integrated Program for the Avoidance and Prevention of the Spread of Covid-19 at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center awarded us the gold award at the Facilities Management Awards 2020.

Specific services include:

  • Specially prepared surface disinfection,
  • fog spraying, cold fogging,
  • measurement of bacterial load of surfaces,
  • steam disinfectant of fabric surfaces,
  • electrostatic spraying,
  • provision of sanitary material and Personal Protective Material (PPM).



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