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The website www.alter-ego.gr, has been created and is owned by ALTER EGO S.A. It aims to provide information on specific programs of the Company, giving users the opportunity to be individually informed about programs specifically tailored to them.

In order for you to access this website, it is necessary to have the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 or a more advanced version of Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or a more advanced version of Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

The present terms and conditions of use of the website govern the use of the website and all applications and services and in no case substitute the contract and its terms, which the users of the website sign with ALTER EGO S.A. ("Company") regarding the products/services provided and which governs their transactions with the Company. The terms of use of the website and the Company's services, the provision of which is optional for the Company, may be freely modified or withdrawn at any time by the Company. For this reason, visitors should check the content of the website to be aware of the applicable policy.

The website is addressed, and its use is permitted only to adults and legal representatives of legal entities with legal capacity.



Personal data

The Company maintains and processes a computerized personal data file, where the data that users voluntarily declare, are registered. The management and protection of users' personal data is governed by these terms, by the provisions of Law 2472/1997 (as amended) and by European law. The Company has taken all necessary measures to safeguard the security of the provision of the Services provided and the confidentiality of the information concerning the users.

The Company processes personal data to support, promote and perform the contractual relationship with its customers, to protect transactions and to inform customers about the services provided. The Company may transmit the personal data of visitors/users to all departments of the same Company, to the departments of the companies belonging to the European Reliance Group of Companies, as well as to affiliated companies, to natural persons of the same Company or to any other recipient required by law and the accepted general rules of risk acceptance for the processing of the cooperation or for statistical purposes. The Company may also transmit personal data for the remote marketing of products or services of its own or affiliated companies.

Under no circumstances will any sensitive personal data be transmitted to any third party.

Users reserve the right to request in writing the deletion of personal data from the Company's file. They also have the possibility, at any time, to exercise the rights of access and objection provided for in Articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.

Users/visitors acknowledge and expressly accept the maintenance and processing of their personal data by the Company in the manner described. Users/visitors are solely responsible for the false, inaccurate or untrue declaration/entry of their personal data.


Property rights

Property rights

The intellectual and/or industrial property rights associated with the website and its contents (indicatively: software, source code, database, design, texts, graphics, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive signs, logos, product or service names, company names, etc.) are the exclusive property of the Company and are protected in accordance with the provisions of national, EU and international law.

All trademarks used on the website are registered and belong to their legal owners.

It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, republish, transfer, transmit or distribute in any way, without the prior written permission of ALTER EGO S.A., the content (in whole, in part or in summary) of the website.


User obligations

User obligations

Users accept, agree and guarantee that they will use the website lawfully and that they will refrain from any action that may cause damage or malfunction to the website. Users assume responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the Company or its website by improper, counterproductive, or unlawful use.

Users represent and warrant that they will not:

  • Use the Company's website to post or transmit content that is offensive to the personality, honour, reputation, personal data of third parties, and/or content that is obscene, pornographic, racist, threatening, and defamatory, and/or content that constitutes the subjective and objective elements of a criminal offence.
  • Violate in any way the democratic constitution, the right to freedom of religion and other constitutionally guaranteed political, social, and individual rights.
  • Attempt to circumvent in any way the user authentication or security of the Company's main computer and network ("cracking" or "hacking"), or cause damage to the Company's computer system, or the computers of other users of the Website.
  • Cause damage to any third party (natural or legal person).
  • Download viruses, trojan horses, worms, etc.
  • Provide false, misleading, or deceptive information and personal data. In case of violation of their obligations, the Company is entitled to immediately delete the relevant content and prohibit the use of the website and its services, as well as to take any other measure it deems appropriate to safeguard its interests.

Users who violate this clause are obliged to compensate both the Company and any third party who may have been harmed because of or on account of the use of the website. This indemnity will cover any positive or consequential damage.


Liability Alter Ego S.A.

Liability Alter Ego S.A.

The contents and location of the website are provided "as is". Although the Company makes every effort to ensure that all information contained on the website and any links to other websites are accurate, valid, and secure, the Company does not guarantee and is not responsible for the reliability, timeliness or completeness of the content of the website. The website is updated regularly. For this reason, users are required to frequently update and refresh the website and browser to ensure that they receive the most recent content and information each time. Users acknowledge and accept that the Company cannot, and is not obliged to, exercise control over the security and content of the website. Under no circumstances does ALTER EGO S.A., make any commitment, guarantee, or assume any kind of responsibility with regard to the security, the content of the website and the links included in it, and is not responsible for the terms of use and security policy of these links. Consequently, the use of and access to both the website and the linked websites is at the users' own risk. It also assumes no responsibility for any damage to the computer or other property of users, from, and not limited to, the transmission of "viruses" because of their connection, use or visit to the website.

The Company furthermore makes every effort to ensure the availability of the website. ALTER EGO S.A. has the right, whenever it deems, to temporarily interrupt the operation of part or all the website to proceed with maintenance, upgrading or for any other reason. Under no circumstances shall ALTER EGO be liable for any kind of damage caused to users because of the above. It also does not bear any responsibility for the delay, the poor quality of reception of services, or the existence of any kind of errors.

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