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Outsourcing Housekeeping Services is a well- known practice that applies to hotel industry worldwide. In ALTER EGO we create a financial and strategic business relationship with hotel managers, together, aiming to deliver the best quality of services.

At Alter Ego, the provision of housekeeping services means:

  1. Expertise, management and department control,
  2. provision of modern materials and equipment,
  3. building an established team that offers stable performance,
  4. continuous training and development,
  5. efficiency and high performance,
  6. provider / customer relationships,
  7. financial benefits.

Integrated Housekeeping Services awarded us (Partner Hotel S.A./ Alter Ego S.A.) with a bronze distinction in Tourism Awards 2022 in the category "Innovative operating model or provision of service", golden award for Best Greek Hotel Outsourcing & Facility Management Company from Greek Hospitality Awards in 2021 and a silver award at the Facilities Management Awards 2020.

After almost four decades of experience in soft services, with a turnover of €13.6 million from housekeeping services, active clientele in 65 businesses and 1 mil. sq.m. facilities under management, we offer excellent housekeeping services, that include:

  • Phase planning in collaboration with various business units prior to implementation,
  • cleaning, preparation and room arrangement,
  • special cleaning of fabrics, carpets and interior decorations,
  • cleaning and maintenance of spa areas and facilities,
  • cleaning of common areas,
  • amenities provision & management,
  • evening / turndown services,
  • disinfection services,
  • laundry Services,
  • minibar management,
  • valet, porter & stewarding services.



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