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Integrated Relocation Management

At ALTER EGO we provide end-to-end migration solutions, with a Project Manager directing the project and guiding customers through each stage of the migration process. With proper management of the budget and schedules, we carry out a series of tasks, from the financial evaluation of the project during the period of finding the property to the last day of the move between premises for each client. We have almost four decades of experience organizing office spaces and with our expert team consisting of all the specialists involved in the relocation project, we provide high quality services following international standards in the way we work. You gain more on the economic scale in time, quality, productivity and efficiency.

The typical tasks included in an integrated management of a combined Relocation Management Project are the following:

Study – Design

  • Elaboration of architectural, electromechanical, static studies, etc., 3D'S designs (photorealistic illustration of the internal layout of the offices and the individual elements)

Project / Construction management

  • Project planning, preparation and monitoring of budget and schedule, coordination of crews and tasks, reporting, supply management

Construction and configuration of interior spaces

  • Electrical and plumbing work,
  • construction work and removals (partitions, floors, false ceilings, metal structures, lighting, painting, etc.),
  • air conditioning and ventilation,
  • security systems,
  • IT - Computer room,
  • networks - structured cabling (Computer rooms, Network certification, Fiber optics, Wireless networks, etc.),
  • telecommunication systems - call centers (Voice mail, Call centers, IP telephony-VOIP Solutions, Distributors-Racksm, etc.),
  • terrestrial and satellite systems (Central facilities, Surveys, Signal distribution, Satellite-terrestrial reception, Satellite internet, etc.),
  • multimedia: audio-visual (Video conference, Projection systems, etc.).

Management and supply of office furniture and mobile equipment

  • Selection and supply of new furniture, electrical appliances, mobile equipment,
  • design and manufacturing of special furniture,
  • management of old furniture, recycling of old electronic and electrical devices.

Initial cleaning

  • Initial - general cleaning,
  • final cleaning after furniture placement,
  • cleaning support in the first days of the company's operation,


  • Packing, moving and relocating files, furniture, machinery and equipment from the old to the new premises,
  • Computer Room relocation.



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