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Alter Ego Facilities Management - the first company in Greece certified with ISO 41001: 2018 FACILITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

DEC 04 2021

Halandri 12 April 2021 - ALTER EGO Facilities Management, a member of the Allianz European Reliance Group, is pleased to announce its certification according to the international standard ISO 41001:2018 FACILITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. The certification was obtained in April 2021 by the accredited body TUV AUSTRIA Hellas, while ALTER EGO Facilities Management is the first company in Greece to successfully complete the certification process.

This standard sets the requirements and specifications in relation to the management of its clients' facilities and equipment, with the goal of ensuring and improving their functionality. The ISO 41001:2018 management system focuses on working conditions, stakeholder satisfaction, top management involvement, setting and monitoring targets and continuous improvement.

ALTER EGO is a pioneer in Greece in the provision of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services, with a dynamic presence in the market and has been the most reliable partner of major companies and organizations for four decades. The company's goal, since its establishment until today, is to provide high quality services, always adhering to the strictest protocols, with respect to society and the environment.

Mrs. Anthi Iliopoulou, General Manager of Alter Ego, said, ‘This standard is more relevant than any other to our field and we feel honored to be the first company to complete the certification process by an accredited body.’



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